Rude Boy Vape recognises that franchisees are different!

We can help both those that want to build an empire of many stores and those that want just one
family-run shop. With our simple set up, you can start from a premises as small as 300 to 400 square feet.

Is it proven? How much can you make ?

Yes. We are one of the top players in the UK and our own track record proves that you can target up to £200,000 sales from your retail unit alone – and that’s before additional sales at outside-events, in shopping malls and through ‘event vaping experience’ packages.

Where does the money come from ?

About 70% of our current retail sales comes from sales of e-liquids – which is great, because once a client discovers our premium product, they will keep coming back to you for more.

Rude Boy Vape Franchise

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