The new UK fastest growing VAPE franchise

Rude Boy Vape is one of the UK’s high-street retailers and
distributors of electronic vaping accessories, premium
e-liquids and e-cigarettes.

What is Vaping ?

What we oer is now widely accepted as a mainstream product, with mass-market sales and is no longer just a substitute for smoking – it is a clear and safer alternative which we prefer to call ‘vaping’.

Vaping is something more than simply replacing smoking with tobacco-avoured e-cigarettes: Our range of 100 avours (many without nicotine), vaping atomizers and luxury accessories means we stand apart from our competition in this now widely accepted and safer new pastime.


What is the Rude Boy Franchise ?

The Rude Boy Vape franchise gives you the opportunity to open your own highly protable store to sell our market leading brands and to operate our exclusive outside events service.

Rude Boy Vaping is a retail-based franchise. We have proven that you can trade successfully from a location as small as 400 square feet, so premises should be easier to nd and relatively cheap.

Everything else you need to t-out your shop is included in our turnkey franchise package. You don’t need
to go out to and anything else – it’s ALL included.


Rude Boy Vape Franchise

4 Dufferin Avenue Bangor,
BT20 3BU
02891 472097

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t: 02891 472097